Prof. John Morton

    John Morton is Professor of Nanoelectronics & Nanophotonics at UCL, and Director of the UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute (UCLQ). John’s research involves the development of electron spin-based quantum technologies such as quantum computers and quantum sensors, and includes the application and development of novel electron spin resonance methods, and performing ESR in new regimes. After reading Electrical Engineering at University of Cambridge, John undertook at PhD (D.Phil) at University of Oxford on the use of molecular electron spins as quantum bits. He moved to UCL in 2012 and his research has focused increasingly on spins in semiconductors. John was a Royal Society University Research Fellowship from 2008-16, and he has held back-to-back European Research Commission (ERC) grants. His awards include the Nicholas Kurti European Science prize (2008), the Institute of Physics Moseley Medal (2013) in experimental physics, and the Sackler International Prize in Physical Sciences (2016). John has published over 100 papers and has an h-index of 41. He is active in the public engagement of science, including public exhibitions, documentaries, radio broadcasts and popular articles on quantum science and technology.

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